Blue Diamond 1

HDPE products, Locatable Duct, Cable-in-conduit, Micro-duct, Couplings and Accessories, Figure 8 Aerial Duct

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Commscope 1

Splice closures Hub Cross Connects Connectivity Jackmoon Cable Conduit Sealing, Duct Plugs, and Innerduct Couplings

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Copperhead 1

Tracer wire and locating products

Back Up Power and UPS Battery Solution


Repair and return-to-service important infrastructure like roadways, airports and facilities

Greenlee 1

Optical Network Testing and Maintenance Equipment. Handheld OTDR, PON Power Meter, Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, Light Sources

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Micro Trenching, Asphalt & Concrete Cutting Blades



Strand Vice Connectors, Drop Clamps, Grounding Connectors, Telecom Clamps, Pole Line Hardware, Anchors, Guy Hooks, Bolts, Brackets

Oldcastle 1

Service Boxes, Vaults, Manholes, Concrete, Handholes, Transformer and Equipment Pads

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Pentair 1

Grounding & Bonding, Facility Electrical Protection, Low Voltage Power Distribution

Puregas 1

Cable Pressurization, Antenna Pressurization and Compressed Air Treatment


Pesticides, Herbicides, Cable Cleaning, Insect Repellants

Servato 1

Active Battery Management


Fiberglass Conduit Rodders, Fiberglass Fish Tape, Heavy duty work lights, Splicer Snips and knifes, and tool trays

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