Tracer wire and locating products.

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The Cobra™ Access Point provides convenient, above-ground access to your tracer wire system. Connect your utility locate transmitter to one terminal and your ground rod to the other. Connect and disconnect the jumper to engage and disengage ground. The Cobra also provides a finished and professional looking installation. With up to three terminals, and multiple mounting options, the Cobra Access Point offers flexibility for many field applications
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Connecting tracer wire is easy with Copperhead SnakeBite™ Locking Connectors. SnakeBite’s exclusive 90-degree twist-lock design means you simply insert the wires, twist 90 degrees, and the connector is locked, and the wires are connected. It’s that simple. You don’t even have to strip the wires. Using SnakeBite connectors reduces installation time and lowers your overall labor costs.
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